Elaine Aliberti
PERSONAL BIO. Elaine Aliberti is a two time veteran women’s foil National Champion. She has attended several black star elite coaches programs at the National Coaches College She has coached for the US Cadet Men’s Foil Team in Budapest, Hungary in 2010, in Paris, France in 2009, and for the US Cadet Women’s Foil Team in Jena, Germany in 2008. She has a Ph.D. from Harvard and serves on the schools committee for interviewing Harvard recruits in Utah. She lives in Park City, the best place on earth.
COACHING STYLE: Elaine believes in building a clean technical foundation in all of her beginning fencers. Creating a foundation to build on that will last a lifetime. Advanced fencers learn the tactical aspects of the game. Her goal is to help students enjoy fencing through understanding the strategies and tactics of the game and making their own decisions. Positive reinforcement and acknowledgment of personal improvements, no matter what level of ability, are the backbone of her personal style.
PROFESSIONAL COACHING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Elaine Aliberti has been coaching for over 10 years and has had numerous National Medalists (see Our Athletes and Archived Results). Students have been accepted to prestigious Universities such as Princeton, Brown, Duke, Stanford, Harvey Mudd, Scripps, and others. However some accomplishments cannot be measured in terms of medals or prestigious schools. Being a part of her fencers lives, sharing in their experiences, and helping them overcome obstacles and grown into mature adults, no matter what level of fencer they are, is truly the reason she stays in the sport. Helping kids and being part of a close knit community are some of the greatest rewards.